Website Design

Make a Lasting First Impression!

Visitors to your website will immediately judge your company by the look of the website alone. After all, this is possibly the first time they have seen or heard of you. Scorpion Design understands the importance of visual appeal. With hundreds of custom website designs to our credit, (including law firm web site design and individual attorney websites), our designers know how to create the right look and feel for your business.

Elements of Flash® or HTML 5 Animations, coupled with appropriate color choices, image selection, and smart page layouts result in a visually intriguing graphic design that is second to none. Our designers blend sophistication with uniqueness resulting in a professionally designed website that conveys your message with the utmost visual appeal.

Law Firm Website Design
Attorneys and law firms nationwide have utilized Scorpion Design for their successful custom legal web site designs. The seriousness of the legal industry demands a certain website environment that Scorpion Design has been able to perfect. Our client list ranges from small, single attorney practices to large, international law firms. We have had the pleasure of maintaining long-term relationships with our clientele, resulting in an incredible percentage of return business and referrals.

The Website Design Process

Scorpion Design begins the website design process with personalized consulting. Our designers devote the necessary time to learn about your specific field of work, whether it is within the legal industry or another type of business. Once we have assessed your needs, we begin working at building your company a web site that can successfully represent you for years to come. From posting sample website design work on our server to publishing, hosting, maintaining, and promoting your website, Scorpion Design is devoted to your long-term online website success.

Below are some of the steps in the custom web design process:

  • Our consultants are trained to ask pertinent questions designed to examine your overall online marketing campaign from many angles. Your website project will be more complete, as all components are considered and incorporated from the start.
  • Once we have clearly defined your website project, the creative process begins. Sample pages of custom website designs tailored toward your specific company mission will be posted to our server for your review.
  • We value your feedback. We want your website to reflect your unique business and encourage your participation. All design changes will be made according to your preferences.
  • With custom website design, pre-designed templates are never used. All website designs and content are original and innovative for optimal search engine optimization.
  • Optional Flash® animations are utilized to create the captivating visual appeal you need. From small elements, such as taglines, slogans, navigation menus, and logos to full Flash® presentations, websites are tastefully designed keeping in line with your overall objective.
  • All HTML code (the programming code behind your website pages) is written by hand. Many companies use computer-generated HTML code from software packages, which produces more code than needed. The benefits of Hand-Written HTML Code are:
    • Efficient use of server space for better performance
    • Faster website loading time so visitors don't wait
    • Website will work on all types of browsers, platforms, and operating systems to ensure proper viewing by all visitors
  • All website design work is completed in-house and we guarantee customer satisfaction. No part of your website design is outsourced. Maintenance and support are available upon request.

Customer Service - Your Opinion Matters

Scorpion Design prides itself on offering exceptional, comprehensive customer service. Scorpion Design stands behind all aspects of your website. Scorpion Design provides everything you will need to be successful online. Read about some more of our services: Pay-per-click promotions, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google Search Marketing, website maintenance, website hosting services.

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